A signature 8-week coaching program

Helping overwhelmed moms ditch the guilt and shame of parenting to please other people, and feel ready to handle anything life throws her way.

Start loving your life again!

Are you struggling with the mom you are versus the mom you want to be?

That space between these two identities tends to fill up with anxiety and shame. When we don’t know how to bridge the gap it’s normal to feel disconnected or even checked out of your life.

The transition from woman to mother (called matrescence) creates a foundational shift in our identity. If you don't acknowledge and nurture this shift with love and guidance, the journey of raising your children can feel 10x harder than it should. It doesn’t need to be that way.

The Unleashed 8-week coaching program, offers the support, guidance and a personalized plan to help you feel empowered in your role as mother without losing the beautiful, amazing human you are.

with Free The Mother

12-week coaching program

I’m Kendra, an anxious mom turned empowered mom.

I created the Free The Mother for moms 2+ years into motherhood, who are ready to start loving their life again!


Do you struggle with:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the “shoulds” and "have-tos" of motherhood?
  • Feeling anxious, angry or "checked out"
    when you're with your kids?
  • Asking yourself daily "Am I a good mom? Am I doing this right?"
  • Reading, watching, and listening to every blog, vlog or podcast and still feeling unsure where to turn.
  • Feeling overrun, overwhelmed and under appreciated for the all the hats you're wearing?

 With Unleashed

My 8-week coaching program, you'll:

  • Feel supported in this phase of life
  • Be inspired, not triggered, by your kids
  • Boldly be yourself with your kids
  • Feel a deeper connection with your kids & partner
  • Handle your kid's big emotions
  • Honor your own needs without feeling guilty
  • Learn new tools to master any sh*tshow life throws your way

Live a life that is fulfilling
WHILE being a parent

How does it work?


  • 8 weekly, 90-minute group coaching calls via ZOOM
  • Each woman will receive 1:1 coaching while being witnessed by others in the sisterhood.
  • Daily video messaging access to Kendra 


  • 8 Video modules
  • Topics include matrescence, conscious parenting, your values

Support &

  • Daily voice messaging access to Kendra and the rest of the sisterhood
  • A blueprint for designing your unique #momgoals
  • A powerful toolbox with useful techniques to help you stop losing your sh*t

Accept who you are.
You’re not crazy
Understand the forgotten
rite of passage that is
becoming a mother and how
it’s directly impacting your
experience of motherhood.

Use the magic toolbox.
Pick up a new set of glasses
that is going to change the
way you see all your
parenting frustrations.

Understand your “chaos”
You’ve seen it all over, but
now you’re going to uncover
what emotional regulation
looks like in your unique life.

Meet yourself on Girls night!
Get to know the parts of you
that are working against each
other and how to get them on the same page.

Understand your Triggers.
Uncover the root of “losing
your sh*t” and how to create
space for you to respond
instead of react to your kids and partner

Recognize your Patterns.
Dive deep into what is keeping you stuck and create a new way of being that allows you to stay connected to yourself and your loved ones.

Meet the REAL you.
Once you're free from old
patterns and armed with
new tools, you’re now able to
design a life that makes you
want to jump out of bed in the morning!

Pick your mothering lane.
Say goodbye to mom guilt.
Here we discover that google
doesn’t know what’s best for
you, only you do.

Stay connected.
Close out our time together
with an actual plan on how
you’re going to stay
supported and inspired in
this phase of life

The Investment


I'm so confident in UNLEASHED that if you show up to all the calls and work through all the modules and you don't experience any of the following results, I'll gladly refund you the investment.

  • Help managing your emotional triggers
  • Adopting new habits that help you stay calm
  • Ability to reconnect to yourself and other quicker after ruptures occur



I was stuck in the anxiety of not being the Pinterest perfect mom. I was always worried I wasn't doing enough, that I wasn't enough.

The biggest transformation I had was realizing my son doesn't know

I'm not the perfect mom, l'm perfect to him. I focus more on that than the anxiety.

My life now is 110% different. I am more present with him and more forgiving of myself. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Kendra if you're feeling anxious, it changed my parenting.


I had been struggling with my identity since becoming a mom. With the pandemic, no village of support I found motherhood much tougher than I had anticipated.

After working with Kendra, the relationship with my daughter has changed for the better. I’m no longer anxious about spending time with her by myself and the connection we have is so much deeper. I have proven to myself that I’m competent when for so long I had so much self doubt.

I can honestly say that this form of coaching is so valuable and I highly recommend working with Kendra. I look forward to our sessions and can see myself following her advice for years to come.

I'm ready!

Hi, I'm Kendra!

I’ve been right where you are. I used to ride the shame spiral before I understood being a mother is so much more about you than your child. We are all born whole and complete and it is ironically us, the parents, that have the most growing to do.

We've forgotten we are whole and complete before we even achieve a single thing and it is through raising our children that we reclaim the pieces of us we left behind.

I got you. As a certified conscious parenting coach, master practitioner of NLP and Mama Rising Facilitator I help you navigate your inner world in a way that clears the space for you to be the most authentic and confident version of you, so you can raise the most authentic and confident version of your kids.

Once you’ve got the tools you will literally feel like you can handle anything life throws your way.

My story is the reason is created my 8-week coaching program "Unleashed" so other moms could get the guidance and support they need while navigating this transition.

When you’re ready to claim your identity, your motherhood and your value in this world, I’m here to help you take the next step to start loving your life again. (Or maybe even love it for the very first time.)


Stop 'checking out'.

UNLEASHED 8-week personal coaching program for moms

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Before I worked with Kendra I was mom and a wife but I wasn’t me. I found myself becoming extremely overwhelmed because of this and I hated it. I knew I needed to seek guidance.

My biggest win was finding the confidence in my voice. I discovered that all I ever wanted was to be heard and now I the proper tools to help me express what I’m feeling, thinking need or want

My life right now is much better than what it was before starting my coaching journey. I have my days but I have the tools to help turn those “bad days” into better days. 

As a first time mother, I think all new moms should coach with Kendra because understanding the switch between womanhood to matrescence is vital in a woman’s mental health! Without knowing that switch is supposed to happen motherhood can seem overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be! 


When I found Kendra I was constantly losing my temper quickly, and felt overwhelming stress and sadness that I was failing as a mom. 

The connection that grew between my daughter and the feeling of calm has been immeasurable.

Since working with Kendra, my anxiety, belief in myself as a mom, ability to de-escalate my emotions and react kindly with myself, child, and spouse has changed for the better. Life’s not perfect but now I know I don’t have to be either and I truly enjoy “momming” more than I did. 

Motherhood coaching helped me more in 6 weeks than a year of counseling, PPD and PPA diagnosis/treatment, natural medicine, acupuncture, etc. 

Please try it, you’re worth it!

Flexible Payment Options!

One Time Payment


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I'm ready!

Split Payment

4 x $500

Enjoy the flexibility!

I'm ready!


Before I found Kendra my anxiety was a 10/10 and I was constantly trying to fix myself, my life and my disobedient child.

After working with Kendra I no longer fear the ups and downs of life and I know how to confidently look inside myself instead of reaching for yet another workshop, book or podcast.

She helped me reconnect with myself which has made it so much easier to connect to my son and ex-husband.

Now I feel like there is so much more fun and flow in my life and I no longer live life in the exhausting extremes.


When I found Kendra I was in a period of deep grief and guilt over how I had mothered my children unconsciously.

She helped me to reconcile that grief and also release the attached guilt.

She taught me to accept & forgive myself and to harness my new found ability to mother consciously & intentionally into my relationships with my precious adult children.

Kendra has equal amounts of compassion, intelligence and tough love to catapult you into your next level of conscious parenting and I remain forever grateful to her for helping me get here.


I used to constantly feel exhausted and alienated and I thought I always had to be “on”.

Kendra taught me how to truly get in touch with my feelings and I walked away knowing I don't need to be perfect all the time. I can relax and be the real me.

The best part is, as I’ve become more calm, my husband and children have started showing up differently, too.

My house no longer resembles the emotional roller coaster of the past.


When I reached out to Kendra I was hyper focused on “fixing” my son. I was busy researching, making PT and OT appointments and reading all the books about raising a highly sensitive/ neurodiverse child. I was barely surviving and being around my son was uncomfortable and scary to me. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood at all.

My biggest win was letting go of the idea I needed to “fix” my son and also releasing all the pre-planned expectations I had for him before he even came into this world. This allowed me to really see him for the first time and our connection is so much deeper. Now my hope is for him not to conform, to speak up, stand up, make waves in this world, and keep the confidence he has to be his authentic self, regardless of society's expectations.

I no longer make bad days worse by trying to control every aspect of his life. I’m way more conscious and gentler with him. I try to come from a place of understanding, more than ever before. I would not have been aware to look within if it wasn’t for Kendra and this conscious parenting journey.


For the first time in years, I saw a photo of myself and thought, “I look beautiful”!

I’m just so much as peace and becoming so confident. It’s just radiating out of me.

I just want to thank you, you’re such an instrumental part of this journey and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


I feel so much more in tune with myself mentally, emotionally and physically and I haven’t felt this way since before I had my kids.

My husband even told me he feels like he’s getting the girl he married back.

I’m so glad I started this journey with you. It was the best decision I could have made.