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 I help moms stop losing their sh*t so they can start enjoying

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Do you ever find yourself wondering...


What happened to me? 


Many women enter motherhood being told it's a magical and instinctual experience and then feel defeated when the reality of the highs and lows set in.

If you're a mom who is constantly questioning what you're doing, who you are and why it all feels so hard...


You're not alone.

Motherhood is an invitation. An invitation for you to discover the most empowered, confident and loving version of YOU.

My offerings are designed for  women who feel like they've lost themselves. Women who are dancing somewhere between the "old me" and the "new me". 

  • You deserve to break free from the guilt and shame of mothering in a world full of information overload and unrealistic expectations
  • You deserve to feel grounded and capable of navigating anything life throws your way
  • You deserve the space to create a life that lights you outside of your role as mom
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Hi, I'm Kendra!


I get it. I entered motherhood thinking I had it all figured out and most of the focus went to my child. It got to a point where the more my child grew, the more I felt like I was disappearing. My old identity was replaced by anxiety, overwhelm and built up anger and I no longer recognized any area of my life. Until I found conscious parenting and matrescence and my life was forever changed.

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